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Friday, February 10, 2006

The Return of Insomnia

I've been awake since about 1:30 this morning, my head jumping between the house and my revisions to Eternal Nights. And here I thought I was going to avoid the sleeplessness. Sigh.

The closing went great yesterday. It didn't take very long and I had my house keys and the controls for the garage door opener. I brought some of my scrapbook stuff over to the new house to relieve congestion in the computer room and my dad donated a card table. I will be locking myself in the house this weekend to do revisions. I also brought over the runner for the hallway because the area rug was too heavy to move and I wanted to see what the pattern looked like in person.

While I'd been out in the back of beyond closing on the house, the cabinet guy had been there to install the pull outs in the cabinet and the job supervisor guy plugged in the garage door opener so I was able to use my remote. Cool!

So while we were there, my parents and I removed all the packing from the appliances (and there was a lot of it) and they volunteered to come over today while I'm at work and put up some temporary curtains. Also cool! I don't like uncovered windows, especially when it's dark outside. It was about 12:40 or so, when I noticed it was snowing pretty hard. My mom needed to go to the grocery store, so it was decided I'd drive her and my dad would wait for the shower door guy to come.

My mom wanted to go to Super Target, so while she was shopping for groceries, I ran over to housewares. They had a lamp on sale that I thought would look good in my new bedroom, and I wanted to check it out. I decided to get it, but while I was wandering around, looking for the lamps, I spotted some colorful bathroom accessories. (If you've seen my house pictures, you know I like colorful!) I popped over there to look at them, and they were all on clearance!

They were made of some kind of heavy acrylic-type material. I found a small garbage can (way too small, but too cute to pass up), a soap dish, a toothbrush holder, a lotion pump (which I think I'm going to return since I really don't need it), a thing with three tiny boxes stacked on top of each other (I'm guessing it holds Q-Tips and like that) and a cotton ball holder box (which I noticed was broken when I got home, so that's going back too). Of course, I had no cart with me, so I had to load everything in the garbage can and tote it to the front of the store. If I only could have found a matching cup, everything would have been perfect!

Now the idea was to get to work on my revisions--only I wanted to play with my new house. I wanted to pack things up and take them over. I wanted to start setting things up. What I did not want to do was write.

And I didn't. Instead, I shopped online at a few places, looking for house stuff.

Now here I am, with a grand total of about 3 hours sleep, thinking about facing the day--and not much liking the idea. One good thing did come out of laying in bed for hours while I tried to sleep. I came up with how I'm going to handle one piece of my revisions. This was something that had been nagging at me, and I couldn't figure out a good way to do it. I think this will work.

My idea about locking myself in the new house, well, I might wait till the weekend. I want a nap so bad already. I don't know how I'm going to stay awake at the day job today. I'm already had the jumbo cup of coffee and taken some a Vitamin B complex for energy--too bad neither one of them is working.