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Saturday, March 04, 2006


Email was down for hours and hours and hours! My ISP must have had a huge glitch because I can't ever remember a time when I was without email for so long. By the time it came back up, I was ready for bed, so now I have even more email I need to answer.

I finished the chapter in the WIP that I've been writing damn near forever. Or at least it feels like darn near forever. It lacks the depth I'd like to see, especially in the hero's POV, but then I'm still getting to know him. He's revealed a few more things about himself and I'm hoping that will help me get better into his head as I fix the scene today.

I emailed in my dedication/acknowledgements for Eternal Nights. I hate writing those things. I never know what to say or how to say it and I hate to sit and dither about it forever. Some writers manage to sound so heartfelt when I read their dedications. I only wish I had their capabilities.

I'm supposed to blog over at 2 B Read tomorrow. At least I think it's tomorrow; I need to check the calendar. I had planned to talk about characters, but two other authors did that this week. Then I thought I'd talk about writing a dedication, but another writer touched on that this week too. I think I'm going to make that tinfoil cap for my head because clearly my ideas are leaking into the collective unconscious. ;-)

Today, aside from doing my own writing, I need to come up with, and write, a blog topic. And hope that whoever is scheduled to blog today doesn't write about it. :-)