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Thursday, March 23, 2006


I kind of have a love/hate relationship with On the one hand, I can find all the books I need without having to go to a store. Heck, I can find books that stores don't even stock anymore which is totally great when I need research books on some obscure topic. What are the odds that I'm going to walk into any bookstore in the Twin Cities and be able to choose from a dozen Scottish Gaelic dictionaries? On the other hand, I--like almost every other author I know--hate that blue box that sells used books right beside new copies.

Today, Amazon is in my good graces. I received a notice that my copy of Crimson Rogue shipped. (Bought new, of course.) Not that I can read anything right now, but I'll have the complete Crimson City collection in my hands and that's what counts. I am an Obsessive Book Hoarder (OBH). Although, I have to confess, after loading up the SUV with box after box after box after box of books, I'm rethinking my need to hoard. :-/ Same thing with shoes. I think I've said it here before, but I never thought the day would come when I'd say that about either thing.

Now if my Scots Gaelic dictionary would only arrive, then all will be right with the world. Irish Gaelic would be easier since one of my friends knows someone who speaks it, but, no, my character comes from a society of magic users that has to speak Erse. I wrote this proposal two years ago, thought at the time, gee, this is kind of cool, and was blissfully ignorant that I'd be using more than that one word throughout the book. The only positive note is that because I switched POV characters to my hero, I need less Gaelic than I did when I was in my Ryne's head. But how long is that going to last?

I also ordered a book called Trigger Point Therapy that's supposed to show ways to deal with chronic pain. From being hunched over the keyboard for both my day job and the writing, my neck and shoulders are really stiff. In fact, it's so tight in my neck that my fingers go numb. I'm hoping this book will show me some simple ways to deal with that. Of course, I'd have to find time to read it. :-( Maybe I can put it underneath my pillow and absorb it through osmosis. ;-)

And in daily life crap, I almost got my butt nailed yesterday morning for speeding. I was in the left lane, cruising at about 15 miles over the speed limit when I saw flashing lights. Luckily for me, (although unluckily for someone else), I wasn't the one being pulled over. He'd caught some guy a few cars behind me. Yikes! And on my way home, there was a trooper in front of me. I need to get going this morning so that I can drive more slowly in. There must be some initiative going to tag more speeders or something because seeing two troopers on the freeway like that is unusual.