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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Blogger Blues

Blogger was down again this morning. This has really been happening a lot lately. Google may need to invest some more money.

Okay, from the responses to yesterday's post, it looks like there's some interest in a blog-only contest. I'll do some thinking on how to handle it, and try to get something going either this weekend or Monday. Maybe Monday, that sounds like a good day to kick things off. Thanks Nicole, Michelle and Jillian for your thoughts!

I have the final (or close to the final) manuscript page count for Eternal Nights. After all the cutting, it came in at 444 pages. That's the shortest final page count since Ravyn's Flight!

I added the trivia page for EN up on my website. Among other things, it lists the theme song for the book and how I came up with the idea. There's also some facts about the characters there, including one of the secondary characters.

I'm trying to decide which scene to use from the book as an excerpt. I might have to poll my writing buddies and see what they think. I never use the prologue or first chapter, but then the h/h aren't together in the first chapter anyway. I've got time to think about it, though. It'll probably be a month or two before I post anything. What kind of scenes do you like to see?