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Friday, March 03, 2006

Can't Complain

Or can I?

I normally hate cold weather and I'm usually complaining about it when it's here, but this winter, I'm having a problem with the warm winter. Yeah, there's no making some people happy.

The builder wasn't able to pour the driveway at my house because it was too cold--he'll be back in the spring to take care of it--but in the meantime I have a dirt drive with some gravel on it. Now all the snow is melting and the driveway is muddy and soft. Which means I can't drive on it too often because it continually degrades. More gravel = more money, plus they'd have to haul the rocks away when they were ready to put down the permanent driveway.

There's only two things that will make it better. 1. It freezes and stays cold enough to keep the soil solid. 2. The mud dries out and becomes more solid. Neither option appears likely if the weather people are right. At least no one has gotten stuck yet.

The writing really clicked yesterday on the WIP. If it wasn't so early, I'd do a happy dog dance. I have such a hard time mentally switching gears, but yesterday it was flowing well. Hurrah!

If you head over to the Crimson City Blog, you'll see how excited Jade Lee is that Seduced By Crimson is in the stores now. :-) Her story is the fifth installment in the six book series.

And yesterday evening, there was an exhibition game between the Twins and the Boston Red Sox on TV! Yea!!! I LOVE baseball season. I love to have a game on with the sound muted as I write. Another reason to happy dog dance!