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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Characters and the WIP

Yesterday, the writing went much easier and the results weren't horrible. As opposed to the scene I need that I kept rewriting and it plain didn't work and was boring to boot. Of course, this scene I wrote yesterday was something my characters showed my while I daydreamed about my story, and that made all the difference. I think. I need to reread it today and make sure it's okay.

Of course, the fact that this worked, leaves me with a problem. I have to change how I ended the previous chapter because clearly, the secondary character no longer shows up then. I also need to wrap up the loose end of Ryne's sister who would have been taken care of in the scene I was trying to write, but ended up not using.

Characters. Sigh. Too bad they're always right. But shhh! Don't tell them I said that.

While I'm talking about the characters, let me share with y'all the pictures I'm using for Ryne and Deke. I like having images to refer to, it helps me stay focused on their appearances and their personalities.

This is Ryne:

And this is Deke:

I don't know the models' names. I wish I did so that I could find more pictures of them taken from different angles and in different moods and stuff.

Next topic of the day is spam. You know how these spammers keep putting in weird/different characters to outwit the spam filters? I'm finding it vastly amusing that some have gone so far that what they're saying is unintelligible! I've had more than a few notes recently that just made me go, huh? I couldn't figure it out. LOL! Bet that really helps them sucker some idiot into buying their stocks/drugs/penis enlargement crap.

I don't suppose anyone else is a big baseball fan? I'm trying to find out who won last night's game in the World Baseball Classic, Japan or Korea. I was too tired to stay up till the end and I haven't found a score yet. BTW, in honor of the heroine of Through a Crimson Veil--Mika McCabe nee Noguchi--I was rooting for Japan.