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Monday, March 06, 2006

The Contest

Here's the post I wanted to put up this morning, but didn't have time.

The Prize: An autographed copy of Ravyn's Flight

To Enter: Comment on one of my blog posts

The Details:
  • Every time a person comments on one of my blog posts from March 6th until March 31st at 3pm Central Time, their name will be entered to win the book.
  • You will be allowed to enter more than once, however: Only one comment per blog post. If I post twice in one day, you can comment on both posts and be entered twice. One post means only one chance to enter.
  • Can you comment on older posts? Yes, with this caveat: If I only posted once that day and you comment on 3 old posts, you'll only be entered in the contest once. Number of entries allowed per day will equal the number of times I posted on that day.
  • Any question about the contest does not count as an entry. (I know, but I'm working on 3 hours of sleep here; odds are good I'm not being as clear as I could be.)
  • Winner will be announced on the blog on April 1st. If their blog profile does not have an email address, it will be their responsibility to email me. If I do not hear from the winner by April 15th (tax day), a new winner will be chosen.
Did I forget anything you need to know?