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Friday, March 10, 2006


Yesterday ended up being one of those hectic days. I did take my "me" time, but the rest of the afternoon and evening disappeared fast. The worst part was I still got to bed late last night and didn't get everything done.

The highlights of my day include ordering a rug for my foyer. I had an email telling me this place had 20% off their rugs and it was too good a deal to pass up. I just wish now that I'd waited before ordering my big area rug. I could have saved more than $100. That was back around Christmas time, so I doubt they're going to give me the sale price now. Oh, well, at least I got free shipping back then.

My mom has decided to buy my dad a computer for his birthday and she wanted my input. This is guaranteed to create more work for me because my parents are pretty clueless about computers and I'll be expected to provide tutorials. How can I say no when they've both done so much for me, especially with this move? So I'll be going with her this afternoon to buy it. I guess I can add consultant to my list of titles. ;-)

Here's the interesting thing about the computer. There's one on sale for really cheap that would be perfect for my dad since he doesn't need a lot of bells and whistles. It even comes with a printer and a 17 inch monitor. But there is no modem installed. Those are easy to install, although I think we'll let the store do it since I can't exert enough pressure to seed those things correctly (I've tried in the past). The question is, however, are all computers headed this direction? Where the manufacturers only install high speed internet hardware? I'm sorry, but I'm not spending $50 or $60 for cable internet and my parents certainly aren't because they wouldn't use the computer enough to justify the expense. And why aren't these broadband prices dropping? I would pay $10 more a month for high speed and I bet a lot of other people would too.

Off to work. I have to pay for the new rug. :-)