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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Just Whatever

Some days, I just don't have any clear idea what I want to talk about. This is one of those mornings. Usually, I take some time to think about it, but because of the weather, I have to leave early just in case it's icy. So the rambling will really be far afield.

While I was packing up the computer room, I found copies of Ravyn's Flight that I didn't realize I had. I'm thinking I should do some kind of blog only contest, but I'm not sure how I want to do this or even if anyone would care. Opinions?

I'm working on the dedication/acknowledgement for Eternal Nights now and realized how little I enjoy writing the things. The first couple of groups/people were easy, but now? Not so easy. Maybe the trick is just to list names without saying anything else. With a little luck, I'll finish this today. I'm still waiting for a verification on rank from one of my guys.

Once again, I'm backed up on email. I've got note after note flagged to answer, but haven't had time or energy for that. I hate being bogged down like this.

And I think I'll stop here.