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Monday, March 27, 2006

Mostly Writing Talk

Figured out a way to end an earlier chapter. I don't know if I mentioned it here or not, but I had this plan and it didn't work. No matter how many different ways I wrote the scene in the next chapter it was boring. So I gave up and wrote something else which I thought was fun and did work. But that left me with a problem for the end of the earlier chapter--my semi-dramatic conclusion didn't work any longer. After considering this for a while, I finally came up with a new end to the chapter which takes care of the second problem my abrupt change in direction caused. I worried it might be pretty stupid, but my friend insists it's humorous and a nice, light ending to the chapter. We'll see.

I also fixed the problem my friend had with the end of the chapter I finished this weekend. There's something that feels good about having those chapter endings settled.

Unfortunately, I cut everything I'd written on Saturday. It was boring, so it's gone. Time will tell if this new version is more interesting, but at least it has dialogue and not a ton of introspection. :-)

And in a total change of subject, I found an interesting website. Movie Lens has you rate some movies, then it will make recommendations of other movies you might enjoy seeing based on the ratings of other members with similar tastes. I was a little surprised to read the info and discover that it's run by the University of Minnesota. At least some group at the university.

I signed up last night even though I rarely watch movies and did some ratings while I watched the special report on CNN about sleep.