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Friday, March 31, 2006

Oh, No, Not Again

Yes, I overslept. Again. The only thing in my favor is the massive rain storm we were supposed to have drenching us wrapped around the Twin Cities, leaving us in the middle of a drier "eye." This is good since I'm obviously not going to be leaving the house early this morning--not when I'm still drinking coffee.

Today is table delivery day. I've got my fingers crossed that nothing rocks since I had so much trouble with two of the chairs.

No Gaelic dictionary yet. I've taken to typing something along the lines of (put Gaelic word here) and moving on. I swear Amazon must have sent this one by pack mule--from Scotland.

And I think my brain is still sleeping this morning. Oh, well. Fortunately, the day job doesn't require any use of my mind. Maybe I'll write more later.