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Friday, March 03, 2006

Withdrawal Symptoms

My email is down. I think I'm going through withdrawal. I can't even access email through web mail. The ISP is working on it. They have to work faster! :-) My addiction needs to be appeased.

Computer issues raised their head in other ways too. Yesterday, the POS laptop that I keep locked up at work wouldn't acknowledge that it was plugged in and it only would run on battery. I had this in to the shop when it was under warranty. I brought it home last night, plugged it into the other cord unit that I have at home and it knew it was plugged in. I recharged the battery and brought it back to work today, thinking it was just a fluke.

The fluke reared it's ugly head again during lunch today. I was working on the WIP when I suddenly got a message that the laptop was going into hibernation mode. Being someone who saves compulsively turned out to be a good thing. I didn't lose what I wrote when the unit suddenly powered down.

So on Monday I'll bring in the other power cord unit thingy that I have and try that. I'm hoping that's the issue and not the laptop itself. It might be a POS, but it's nice not to have to haul a laptop back and forth to work and I would never leave my other laptops at the day job, lock or no lock.

In non-technology news, the NWA pilots agreed to a deal with the company, averting the possibility of a strike. Yea!