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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Best Laid Plans

Yesterday was going so well until I decided to setup my new printer.

It all started innocently enough. I had to get some copies of my galley ready to go out and my old printer was continuing to pull its usual tricks. I'd had enough. Time to hook up the new printer.

Everything went slick--until it was time to load the drivers. My computer can't read the disk HP sent me. I tried to load it manually and my computer can't even see a single file on the thing. I mucked around with that for a while and tried to download drivers online, but never got the thing to run. Grr!

While I was waiting for the drivers to download, I did finish my second pass through my galley for Eternal Nights. Found that "diary" had been turned to "dairy." I missed that the first time through and a few other things, so now I'm wondering what else I've missed. I sure hope the proofreader catches these things. Yikes!

Overall, I can't complain, but one of my transitions between paragraphs ended up being cut. Now it reads very abrupt to me, and I keep thinking, it really needs some kind of transition because it just looks ugly. But. But this is the galley stage and changes need to be few and far between and I made some other changes and I can't think of a short way to transition between subjects. I had a nice long sentence there to take Kendall from thinking about the lack of food to her stringy hair. I miss that sentence.

BTW, it ended up being 79 beautiful degrees here yesterday! Hurrah!