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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Usually, I have this really clear view of my stories. I might not have it until I'm actually writing that particular scene, but I rarely write stuff I have to trash completely. Until Crimson Veil. I had more false starts on that book than I ever would have believed possible and I found that very frustrating.

Eternal Nights was back to my usual pattern where I rarely wrote something I didn't use once I got my character issue worked out in chapter 5.

Unfortunately, the WIP is proving to be more like Crimson Veil than EN. I can't even begin to count how many pages I've had to trash because they did nothing to advance the story. And yesterday my frustration continued.

I wrote 5 pages, which is good production for me on a workday and nothing happens in them. Argh! I can't even think of anything interesting happening on this path. I thought if I slept on it, I'd get some brilliant answer, but that didn't happen either. Guess I'll be trashing more pages and starting over. Again. I totally don't have time to keep going down these blind alleys.