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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Nothing Too Interesting

Aside from my heroine dropping her little bombshell on Sunday night, nothing much has been going on. I found my LAPD book while I was looking for my copy of Savage Strikes and it had the information I needed for my hero.

I love my laser printer. It's wonderfully fast! I printed out all of the WIP and will start a read through to see how I'm doing. It's so easy to get locked into one scene and forget the big picture. Now it's time to check for repetition, foreshadowing and other stuff.

Now for the really fascinating stuff. :-P I'm unhappy with the current page that Firefox opens when I logon to the internet. They've made change after change that I haven't liked, but the latest--rotating pictures/headlines--is not only irritating me, it's slowing my load time. I have dial up. I've tried a couple of recommended RSS feed home pages and didn't care for either of them because I couldn't find anyway to get scores for my baseball teams on there. That's critical! Now I'm toying with the idea of trying Yahoo. I'm ambivalent about that, but they seem to be less annoying than what I have bookmarked now.

Still have a fairly heavy To Do List, but I'm whittling that down as I can--after I get my writing in for the day. Looked at the calendar and screamed, but other than that, life is good. ;-)