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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Oh, Boy!

I overslept this morning. Not just a little--hugely! I woke up at 5:15, just in time to jump in the shower, get dressed and race out of the house. No email. I didn't even have coffee!

I made it to work ontime, made my coffee here, and on the first sip, spilled on my shirt. Not just a little--hugely! Now I'm sitting here with a big damp spot, but I think the water and a little scrubbing got the stain out.

Since I heard the alarm and hit the snooze, I spent some time thinking about what might have happened to prevent the alarm from retriggering. Then it dawned on me. I didn't hit the snooze. I hit the off button. Sigh. I have a feeling this is just going to be one of those days.

Anyway, I'm still finishing the jumbo cup of coffee and trying to wake up. When a morning starts like this one, it always seems as if I feel discombobulated the entire day. (I love that word!)

Yesterday, I mentioned my printer issue. Last night, I took the disk over to the laptop and tried it out there. Worked perfectly. My disk drive works on the desktop, I know it does, so it just must be some issue between this CD-ROM and the computer. I tried to transfer everything onto my jump drive to transfer the printer software to the computer, but even with the size of the drive, I couldn't fit everything on there, so I burned a new CD. I wasn't sure that would work, but it did.

Kind of.

The computer locked up and wouldn't install. I'm thinking, though, that I might not have everything on the new disk since it froze up just before it finished writing to the CD. Sometimes I wonder if I'm cursed. I'll try burning another CD and see how that goes tonight.

In writing news, I trashed everything I'd written Monday and Tuesday and started over last night. I made up all the pages I lost, but I'm worried about how heavy I am with dialogue in this book--at least the last few chapters--and this scene has even more dialogue. For right now, though, I'm just going with it. I can flesh it out with the other stuff later.

Did anyone watch The Unit last night? I didn't because I was trying to make up those pages I cut, but I flipped over in time to catch the very end when the colonel joined the cheating wife at the motel. Was someone observing the tryst from outside? The camera angle made me wonder, although I figured they'd milk this for a while longer before letting it all hit the fan.

And Eternal Nights is up for preorder now at Barnes & Hurrah!