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Thursday, April 13, 2006

They Just Keep Talking!

I was trying to figure out if I'd ever had a problem before with having a section of book where the characters talked so much, but as I typed this blog title, I realized I had. In fact I've said, "I can't get them to stop talking" about several books. And now that I'm somewhat relieved, there goes my blog post for today. :-/

Okay, I came up with something to talk about. My day was totally boring yesterday, so there was no material there.

Every book I've written so far has brought with it new struggles. Part of it is that I like to push myself as a writer, part of it is that each story is different and presents different challenges (Notice how I didn't say problems?) The one thing they all have in common, though, is that after they're done and my revisions are turned in, I forget how hard their birth was. I've heard that happens with children, that when a woman looks down at her baby, she forgets the hours of labor. It's that way with books too.

And so I forget complaining about all the dialogue in my earlier stories, and when it happens again, I think, OMG, what's going on here? Why won't they stop talking? But there's something reassuring about having dealt with this earlier. Obviously, I must have fixed it at some point and I trust I'll do it here too. I hope. :-)

Edited to add: I finally got my laser printer installed! I had to burn a new CD and do the install process twice, but the relic (aka the desktop computer) finally accepted it had to deal with new hardware.