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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Write Touch

I received the news yesterday that Through a Crimson Veil is a finalist for Best Paranormal in the Write Touch Readers' Choice Awards! Very exciting!

I had more news yesterday too, the builder called and he's going to put in my driveway today. Originally, he was saying June so I don't know if his schedule freed up or the weather was better than he'd thought. I think the sidewalk is going in too, but it's only 36 degrees here this morning and I don't know if they can do cement if it's that cold.

I reworked the second scene in the chapter I've been writing. I think this is better, but I'll reread today and see what I have. I also found a tiny little problem. My heroine has a headache in this chapter, but she doesn't heal it. I think I've got an answer for that, though. I love that time before I fall asleep--ideas seem to fly then. :-)