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Monday, May 22, 2006

Back to the Day Job

I'm going back to the day job today. I actually asked for two more days off, but since I didn't go to RT after all, I decided to use the vacation hours differently. I'm going to try taking 4 half days this week. I mean all I'm doing with these full days is sleep with that time anyway. Sleep is for sissies, right?

Speaking of sleep, I'll be going back with only a couple of hours worth. I don't know why I can't sleep on Sunday nights. On the plus side, I think I worked out the rest of the WIP in more detail than I have in my notes. On the minus side, I don't know how much I remember. :-(

TBH, I was getting kind of burnt out from 9 straight days of the writing marathon. If I were home, I'd have to write, but this way I can take the day off and recharge mentally. Okay, so I'll probably still try to get a couple of hours in this afternoon when I get home from work, but it'll be a bit of a break.

Yesterday, my dad decided to schedule someone to come out and give an estimate for putting the deck on my house. I'm like, what??? He knows I have two June deadlines, but apparently the deck can't wait till July or August. He's full of plans for the outside of my house, but I'm still trying to encourage him to assemble the last 2 bar stools. They've been sitting in a box just inside my front door for nearly 2 months now, and the 2 he already assembled rock. I don't mean rock! as in way cool. I mean rock as in wobble.

I think I'm done. I need to go find out what Ryne told Deke--specifically--about her past, and I might actually have enough time to do it before I have to get ready for work.