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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Oh, Happy Day

Yesterday, I trashed the scene I'd been fighting with for two days. It hurt me to do it and there wasn't nothing particularly wrong with it. Not really. Except that I'd come to a grinding halt and was forcing progress. It was symptom that something wasn't working.

I tried going right into the final conflict, but that didn't work either. I really need a transition scene because of timing issues. I woke up with an idea this morning on how to handle it (I asked for help before I went to bed last night), so I hope this is the answer. I'll be logging off in a few and giving it a try. Losing 2 days of work, though, really hurts my schedule. :-(

Yesterday morning, when I went to ping on my blog, I saw that the LAFD had pinged just before me. Did the Los Angeles Fire Department really have a blog? I immediately clicked on the link, and sure enough, they do! And it's on Blogger! Wow. As I was skimming through, I found a link to the LAPD Blog. I wish I had found this a couple of months ago. Deke is a former LAPD officer. Now, of course, it's too late. Not that either of these official blogs has much in the way of "insider" information, but what they do choose to post, could have given some insight or background.

I've mentioned before how in their quest to fool spam filters, the spammers send email that's become nearly unreadable. Here's an example I got this morning:
D s ea y r H p om j e O r wn a er,

Your c p re w di h t doesn't matter to us!

If you O h WN o r y ea j l e y st d at b e and want
I h MM f EDI s ATE c h as e h to s d pe a nd ANY
way you like, or simply wish to
L k OW d ER your monthly p r aym v ent h s
by a third or more,
here are the d i ea p ls h we have T l ODA w Y:

Um, say what? Even if I were stupid enough to think a spam email would have something I wanted, I wouldn't be willing to put in the work it would take to decipher that mess.

This morning, I had an email from a friend that made me bang my head against the keyboard. Well, not really. She sent out an email to half a gazillion people, including several Yahoo Groups, and she DIDN'T USE THE BCC FIELD! Gah! Now hundreds of strangers have one of my private email addresses. Sigh. I thought this particular friend was computer savvy enough not to do this.

Off to work.