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Friday, May 26, 2006


My computer desk is put together now thanks to my dad and his friend. It looks wonderful! And the best part is that it's a bit bigger than my current desk. I also talked my dad into finishing the last 2 bar stools. I think I may have mentioned that I ordered 4 unassembled bar stools, that my dad put 2 of them together and left the other two in a box in my foyer for that last 2 months. Now that box is gone! Hurrah! One more upstairs assembly job and my dad will be done. Of course, he still has the downstairs bookshelves to worry about. :-)

I'm not really reading anything on my loops now, although I'll occasionally check in from work on break. One has been having a very interesting discussion, but there were a few things that left me amazed. The first was the conversation about a fan who'd asked one of the women how the characters from her book were doing. This author was stunned that someone didn't realize they were fictional characters. I was stunned that this author doesn't know what happened to her characters after the story was over. I always get scenes I call "After the Book." I like it because I want to know what happens after the HEA.

Then there was the response that kind of bounced from this subject where an author actually said, how many of the h/h do we really think are still together 5 or 10 years after the close of the book?

My mouth fell on the floor! All of my characters are together forever. ALL OF THEM. That's why I write romance. I write about men and women who don't run at the first sign of a rough patch in their relationship, who are going to work every day on loving each other. I write about men and women who are committed to each other and their relationship. I write about men and woman who honestly love each other.

I couldn't believe this. How can a romance author think her own characters aren't in it forever? There are times I read other authors' books and I think, they're never going to last, but I know my own h/h will be growing old together. How can anyone write romance and not believe this?

Anyway, I'll have to check in on break again today and see how the conversation is going. I wish I had time to post, but it takes me a lot longer to write a note than to read one. :-)