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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Random Topics

I wrote about 9 pages yesterday. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that I wrote about 16 pages yesterday, but I had to cut and rewrite because what I had was boring. I definitely needed the information because it sets up what the heroine is going to do, but the way I was working my way there was awful. After giving it some consideration, I switched to Deke's POV and I had part of the information given by another character. I'd been waffling on whether or not Creed was going to make an appearance (he's the hero in book 2), but by having him show up and getting Deke all jealous, it made for a much more lively scene.

I'm on the home stretch now. I'm figuring about 80 more pages and I'm done. Might be a little more, might be a little less depending on how things go. My goal is to be finished in one week. I have to be because I haven't even started writing the anthology story I have due on June 15th. It's totally freaking me out to know that other authors are done with their novellas already. I'm still in search of a motive for my bad guy and haven't had much time to think about it because I'm busy with Ryne and Deke.

Things that have surprised me about Deke and Ryne's story:
  • How dark it ended up being. I knew it was going to be dark when I started, but this is really dark.
  • How serious Deke ended up being. He was a horrible smart ass and he was making Ryne nuts, then he discovered just what kind of situation he was dealing with and how critical it was for him, and boom. No more smart ass. Or at least very little smart ass.
  • How much Deke likes to kiss. I thought he was never going to get down to sex and I think Ryne was wondering the same thing. Not that she didn't enjoy the kissing, but...
  • How important it was to Deke to feel like he was pulling his weight. It really ate at him that Ryne had to take on most of the fighting.
  • That they ended up in Los Angeles. I didn't have a clue that was going to happen.
And I'll close by mentioning one of my pet peeves--Authors that don't keep their websites up to date. Nothing is more frustrating than going to a site to get information and seeing that it hasn't been updated in 6 months--or longer. It's such an easy thing to do and it makes your readers happy. Update at least once a month. Grrr!