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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Warning: Freaky Stuff!

This is something I forgot to mention in my daily post, and since I have a couple of extra minutes before I have to logoff and get ready for the day job, I thought I'd do another entry.

My heroine in the WIP is a troubleshooter for a society of magic users. She's going to be facing off with her former mentor who's been using black magic and has lost all conscience, but I've never looked at dark magic--ever. TBH, I never wanted to because that is ugly stuff. Anyway, I figured I better see if I can find some information on this before I write the final scenes. How would a woman who'd sunk deeply into the dark forces fight the final battle with my heroine?

My search was: "black magic" and witches. I only looked at about half a dozen sites, but one of them had a lot of really good information on spells--white, gray and black magic. I skipped the section of black magic spells and kept scrolling, but then I saw something titled a spell to prepare for black magic. I clicked on it and read it. Not out loud, mind you, just to myself like we all read.

The energy immediately shifted, I felt it happen, and I shiver went down my spine. No lie. I quickly hit the back button and got off that page, then I had to clear my aura, my body and my room and brought in light and love and all that good stuff to cleanse myself and my surroundings. I did it twice to be safe.

That was nasty stuff and now I'm leery about doing any more research into black magic. I'm thinking of just winging it because I do not want to feel anything like that again.

Like I said--freaky. I know some people don't believe in this stuff. That's okay. I know what I felt.