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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I Don't Like Mondays

Probably because I never sleep Sunday nights. Somehow, though, I made it through yesterday on 1 hour of sleep. Gah!

Unfortunately, I didn't get too much writing done. It's hard when you're barely coherent and everything you try to write sounds disjointed. :-/ I did finish chapter 4 in the novella. I planned to close out with some fooling around, only the fooling around is way too close to actual sex and it dilutes the upcoming chapter that I've got in mind. That means today I will go and rein Nic and Kimi back in. I think it was out of character for Kimi, though, anyway and that only my exhaustion kept me from realizing it until hours later.

Anyway, I went to bed really early--for me--and got some decent sleep in. Storms woke me up at some hour of the morning, but while I was aware of them, I was too tired to look at the clock and note the time. I'm sure this will be a huge topic of conversation at work today (Minnesotans love to talk about the weather, which I'm sure you've noticed) and I'll find out then. :-)

And I think that wraps up my day. Pretty boring stuff and I didn't even mention the deep papercut I acquired on my thumb. ;-)