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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Novella Talk

I read through the novella twice yesterday, and overall, I'm happy with the way it turned out. The thing that surprised me most was how clean the first 60 pages were, then I realized that I really was revising as I went, not moving forward until I was happy with how the chapter turned out, so that's probably why those pages needed such little work. The last 25 pages, though, aren't too bad either. I still think the fight scene needs to be punched up a little, but it's not hideous (like it was) and I want to see if I can strengthen the ending of the story and the ending of the epilogue some more. Right now, though, I don't anticipate an ugly day even though I did take time off from work. Fingers crossed that I'm not having exhaustion induced delusions.

So the plan for today: Finish the novella, print it, package it up to mail tomorrow, then print out all 450+ pages of the WIP. I need to get back to work on that ASAP and I have to do a read through and make notes so I know what needs work. Besides the lame fight scenes. :-) Getting this novella more or less done, and having it not turn out horrible, has really lifted some of the pressure off me. I actually slept last night!

While I was sitting in my chair, feet up on the ottoman, reading yesterday, my curtains in the great room fell. Sigh. I was trying to use these plastic things that get wedged between the window frame and the wall instead of drilling holes, but apparently, I am going to need to use permanent hardware. There was just no reason for this thing to collapse the way it did. I tried to put the curtains back up, but the rod was too long and I scratched up my wall so I'm going to ask my dad to help me today. It scared the hell out of me when that rod hit the floor. I think I jumped about a foot. :-) And this is the non-writing highlight of my day. Yes, it is sad.