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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

One Down, One to Go

The novella is revised, printed and ready to be Fed Exed today on lunch. Yea! One deadline met, one to go.

I had yesterday off from work, but despite sleeping in, I still kept dozing off as I tried to write. Um, something tells me I've been pushing my sleep deficit way beyond what my body can handle. If I was writing, I guess I'd understand, but it's the damn insomnia once I try to go to sleep that's the problem. Happened again last night.

Sorry. Anyway printed out the novella, wrote it to disk and forgot to do a cover letter. I'll do that at work today then seal everything up. I also printed out the WIP--all 450 pages of that. Looked like a monster compared to the novella. Have I mentioned I love my laser printer? It's so fast! I started printing after 7pm and I was done by around 8pm and that's with the little tweaky things I did to the 8 chapters I already had marked up on the WIP.

I tried out WordPerfect X3 after the first draft of the novella was written, and so far, I am mostly loving it! I did a document map with select points at start of each chapter and scene. It was so fab to just click on the little markers and go right to that point. I've tried to use this feature in Word before, but it was such a hassle that I gave it right up and went back to my beloved WP (and I am as familiar with Word as I am with WP because of the day job). WP, however, makes document maps as easy as they make everything else. I seriously can't believe anyone uses Word to write. That program can be a royal PITA. Anyway, I need to learn a little more about document maps because I'm sure there are better ways to do some of the things I want to do. One change between X3 and 9 which I do not like is the Quick Correct isn't as smart anymore. For example, if I set it up to always capitalize "Nic" in 9, it would do it even if I typed "Nic's." X3 will not capitalize on the possessive so that means I had to set up a quick correct for that too.