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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

One Working Day Left

I didn't get as much done yesterday as I'd hoped, so I'm really pushed for time today. I spent a lot longer fixing a couple pivotal scenes than I thought I'd have to and didn't get to the foreshadowing that has to be placed earlier in the book for the ending to work. I wish I had another couple of days to polish and tweak, but it needs to go Fed Ex tomorrow in order to make the deadline.

Today they're coming to pour the cement for the deck footings. I hope this means they're putting in the final supports in as well. Right now, I just have temporary supports up and that means no wandering out on the deck just yet. The weather has been perfect here for coffee al fresco too. Oh, well. After I mail this book off and the deck is actually safe to go out on, then I can wander out there. :-)

There hasn't been much else going on aside from trying to finish up this book, so using the theory that less is more, I'm going to end this post and get to work.