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Monday, June 05, 2006

Short One Today

I'm late! Huge surprise if I mention I overslept. And my blogging time was taken up by my post over at 2 B Read. This one is mainly geared for writers, although it might be applicable to life in general since the main thrust is pursuing dreams.

Novella update: I did not finish chapter 4 yesterday. :-( I had to write my post for 2 B Read, so I got a late start, then I took a wrong direction and had to cut and then I couldn't figure out how to end the chapter and then it was after 9pm. Of course, as soon as I logged off and went to bed, I wasn't tired anymore (I am now!), but I got the answer to the end of the chapter which will require some more cutting and rewriting today.

I did, however, pass the halfway mark! Yea! I'm on page 41 out of 80.

As I laid there, not sleeping last night, I worked out some more stuff for the novella, so I think I might have a fairly decent idea where I'm going from here on out. Fingers crossed. I need to get this done ASAP so I can go back to the WIP and start revising.