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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Too Tired For Words

I don't know whether to say I can't believe it's Wednesday already or to say I can't believe it's only Wednesday. As tired as I am, you'd think it was at least Friday. :-(

But despite exhaustion, I'm still capable of obsessive worry. My latest issues: there's too much sex in the novella and not enough suspense, I cut too much story from it, there's not enough action, and gah! the whole story looks like it's going to take place in one night! Who's going to believe the h/h fall in love that fast? Well, okay, Nic's a demon and he's got the vishtau with Kimi, but who's going to believe Kimi falls that fast?

I nearly finished chapter 5, but I didn't read the chapter notes I made until I was nearly done and then I saw the cool idea I had for getting some information out. Okay, I need to cut and do this and it's only two pages or so, not as bad as the other times I've had to cut and restart. So I do what I wanted to do, and before I finish, I realize I need some of the information that I just cut. I consider a cut and paste strategy, but because of the changes I made, that's not going to work. I wanted to finish this last night, but I ran out of time. My lament? If I only had a couple more hours!

But I didn't. It was already 9pm and I was tired. Sigh. Story of my life.

Goal for tonight is to finish chapter 5 and at least get the first draft down of chapter 6. That's all sex and will require layering so I don't know if I'll have enough time to make the second run through to add emotion. Chapter 7 will be the confrontation/climax with the bad guy, then 8 will be the romantic conclusion/wrap up. I plan to squeeze in a short epilogue and I've kind of seen something I want to use for that. I guess I'll know when I get there if it's right or not.