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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Back From National

I'm back from National and ready to start reporting! I didn't get on the internet at all while I was in Atlanta, but then I didn't have the time this conference like I did last year. When I had the broken foot, I had to sit down and prop it up for a while. This year, I was just going.

I arrived on Tuesday. If I thought it had been hot and humid in Minnesota, that was nothing compared to what it was like in Atlanta. I got lost in the airport--those who know me are thinking, "yeah, huge surprise." I found the shuttle and two women from my chapter were already on board so I talked to them all the way to the hotel.

The Marriott Marquis is a very friendly hotel. The staff there was outstanding and it began at check in. Not only was the woman extremely nice, but they give their guests a peach as a welcome. It was such a surprise and such a wonderful gesture, that I got all distracted and knocked my cane to the floor and sent it sailing into the woman's luggage next to me. Oops! (BTW, I brought the cane along with me just in case my foot started giving me problems. I know it's been a year, but I still get pain from time to time and I wasn't sure how it would hold up to the rigors of a conference. As it turned out, the foot did fine. Good thing.)

I checked in, drank about a gallon of water (did I mention how HOT it was?) and then went down to register. This didn't start out real promising since they couldn't find me. I thought I was going to have to run back to the room and get my confirmation slip--I always print those kinds of things out and bring them with me--but we got it all figured out and I was officially there.

Next, I picked up my tote bag and this thing was jammed with books. The woman passing them out said there were 18 in there! Wow! I hit the goody room, but there wasn't much in there yet. I went back to my room, got my bookmarks and display easel and set them up on a table, then I headed back to my room to check out my haul of books. :-)

It was a quiet evening since my roommate wasn't getting in till the next day, but I was tired so the chance to relax without having to run anywhere was a good thing. I watched the History Channel and muttered about how ridiculous it was that I was in Atlanta and there still were no Braves games on television!

I'll post about what I did Wednesday and the literacy signing next. Stay Tuned.