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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Best Money I've Ever Spent

I LOVE my laser printer! Love it, love it, love it! Y'all know I don't write short novels. It used to take me hours to print off 460 page manuscripts, but I timed this new laser printer yesterday when I printed out a copy of my latest story for my agent. Fifteen minutes. My laser printer spit out 457 pages in 15 minutes! I also bought a tray that holds a full ream of paper so now I can load the thing and leave and it's done when I come back. Whoo hoo!

You're probably thinking, wow, how can anyone get this excited about a printer? I used to use an ink jet that I had to sit and reload with paper over and over. I'd have to pull the printed pages off the output tray continually or they'd end up on the floor. And it would take me a couple of hours to get through a manuscript. Trust me, this is better than diamonds!

Okay, enough about that, right? Console yourself with the fact that my mom had to listen to me wax ecstatic about my printer for longer than this and she doesn't even use the computer she and my dad have. :-)

How about a little book news? I found out yesterday that Shards of Crimson, the Crimson City anthology, has a release date of Jan 2, 2007!

Which reminds me, my novella was turned in without a title, so if anyone has any cool suggestions for this, I'd appreciate it. I'm awful at coming up with names for my books. I turned this in as: Crimson City Novella. :-) What can I say?

I'm also trying to come up with a cool section on my website that would be only for subscribers to my newsletter. I thought maybe I could put something in that area like outtakes from the books or what happens to the h/h after the book. The thing about the outtakes, though, is I hate to have people see less than my best work and if I cut something, it was for a reason. Anyone have any suggestions for this? Something maybe other authors do that you think is way cool? Or maybe something you just think would be a cool idea that no one else does now?

I need to do some updating to my website this weekend. I got sidetracked last night by starting a redesign of the website my house galleries are posted on. It's a really fab new look, if I do say so myself! I got rid of the black on my official website and I'm getting rid of the black on my fun website too. I'll post a link when I have it up and running. :-)

Yesterday was another come home and collapse day. I did get some stuff done that had to be finished, like printing out a copy of the book for my agent, but I didn't get things done that I want to do. Like measuring my windows or taking pictures of the deck. Today. I hope. :-) Although, maybe I'll wait to post them until I have the new web design ready to go. I'd hate to do the page twice in such a short time frame.

Other plans for the day include a shopping run. I need a hard-bristled broom for my deck and front porch and a mop and a paper towel holder. And curtains. Can't forget those. The fun just never stops. I need these things, though, and I've put off taking the time to buy them in order to write. The problem? I don't feel like moving. I just want to veg some more, maybe take a nap--and I just finished coffee! Oh, well.