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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cubicle Decor

I was watching that CBS Sunday morning show, whatever it's called (Watch the name of it will be CBS Sunday Morning and then I'll be red-faced), and they had some woman on there talking about cubicle decor. How to spruce up your cube. One guy's cube had been redone to look like a golf course. There was green turf-like material on the walls and on one desktop, there was a little green hill made--complete with sand trap. His pens were jammed into the sand.

Next cube had the walls lined with bamboo and there was a rug put down over the industrial carpet (under this enormous filing cabinet). They also showed quick pictures of some other cubes, including one that had the felt from a craps table up on the cube wall and shiny strands of stuff hanging from the desktop down to the floor. There was even something that looked like a slot machine taking up a huge amount of space on the desktop.

I looked at all this and thought to myself, what planet does this woman come from? I'd love to see my company's reaction to decking my cube out like a Las Vegas casino. My God! The CBS interviewer person finally asked something about what the boss would think about a cube being decked out like this and the designer said something about how it would boost productivity so they should love it.

Hello? Has this woman ever worked in corporate America? As far as I can see, uniformity is the goal, not individuality. I think we even had a memo go around a number of years ago about appropriate and inappropriate items for cube walls. (I ignored it so that's why I'm so vague) My cube is festooned with cartoons, many of them Dilbert since so many of them apply to my job. I also have the covers up for my last three books and postcards up from most of the different places I've been. I ran out of room or I'd have more up.

Anyway, I found this story about cubicle decor very amusing. A Las Vegas casino. Yeah, right.

In wasp news, I checked out all my windows again yesterday, and when I opened one in my bedroom, the queen flew around. I shut it up again, ran and got wasp spray and when I was armed and dangerous, I opened the window again. The queen flew right into the Vee opening and I fired. I don't know if I scored a direct hit or not, but I'm confident I hit her with at least some of the wasp spray. I'm hoping she's dead since I haven't seen her around since, but then I thought I'd gotten rid of her before. This thing just won't give up!