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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Eternal Nights

I'd passed on a review to my editor last week from Eternal Nights, the same one I posted here, and as we were talking, she mentioned that EN had arrived hot off the press the night before. That, of course, got me all excited because the story is real! As we were talking, I mentioned that I always reread my books when they came out because it allowed me to spend time with the characters and enjoy them since no work was involved anymore.

Do you know what she did? My wonderful, fabulous, incredibly sweet editor sent me a copy of EN!

So I spent all yesterday afternoon and evening reading. Of course, there were a hundred other things I should have been doing, but I wasn't not going to read. Wyatt and Kendall are cute together. I thought that before, but now I can really appreciate it.

Of course, this also brought on the nerves/anxiety of having a book about to be released. So far the reviews for EN have been overwhelmingly positive, but I still worry about readers' reactions to the story. I guess I'll be stressing about that until the book actually comes out and I get some feedback.