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Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Good Old Days

Remember the good ol' days? When MTV and VH1 played music videos instead of hours upon hours of hour-long shows. When CNN Headline News actually gave you the news every half hour? Now there are hours of entertainment news and hours of these "personalities" talking about whatever, including some guy with the initials GB. His logo looks a lot like Garth Brooks' logo, and the first time I saw it, I thought they were talking about Garth Brooks.

I miss the old days. I miss being able to flip to the video stations during commericals and watching a video or two before flipping back to whichever show I was watching. I miss being able to flip over to CNN Headline News whenever it's convenient for me and getting national and international news. Now if I flip over, particularly in the evenings, there's anything but news.

Wasn't there a song about this, something like 100 channels and nothing is on? No wonder I rarely watch television except for baseball.

The reason I bring this up today is my frustration with CNN Headline News. Yesterday, I inadvertantly turned it on while they were following a police chase in Houston. Normally, this wasn't something I'd watch, but this guy was driving over golf courses and stuff and the police were having a hard time getting him. They finally put down one of those strips to deflate his tires and the pickup truck ended up in a ravine with water. There a stand off began and we could see the police getting into tactical positions. I thought this was fascinating, especially when we were getting play by play from a former police officer. This was the kind of thing that gets my writer's brain soaking up info.

But alas, the helicopter from the Houston affliate had to go back and refuel and CNN never returned to live coverage. They were passing along updates on the standoff, though--until it was time for those shows with "personalities." I did try to flip over a few times to see if one of those guys would give updates, but I never saw anything. This morning, I have CNN Headline News on again, hoping that they'll update this morning.

Okay, just saw the update. The man surrendered after about an hour.

My wasp friend was back. When I opened that one window yesterday afternoon, tons more grass was up there. This time I really saturated the entire top of the window. Let's hope that discourages her. I'm getting really tired of this.

I'm still waiting for either or Amazon to show Ravyn's Flight is available again. It's been over a week, I think, and still no sign that a new copy is available anywhere but at my publisher's website. I've had readers asking when they can get it at one of the big two online booksellers.

Today, I really need to go get a display easel made up for RWA National. I plan to use it to attract people to my bookmarks in the goody room, but I'm feeling very unmotivated to drive to Kinko's.