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Friday, July 07, 2006

A Little Bit of Just About Anything

My next Net Flix movie arrived yesterday--Tristan and Isolde. My plan for the weekend is to watch it. I also have a meeting on Saturday morning for my local writing chapter. I'm planning on going, though I doubt I'll make it for the pre-meeting thing. I'll be lucky to wake up and move fast enough to make it to the meeting. :-) The program after the meeting, however, is someone I'd like to hear. Something about public speaking for introverts. Along those lines anyway.

The wasp doesn't appear to have returned. Of course, I'll have to keep watch on that window for a while and might have to spray the window again, but so far so good. I don't like any bug, but I really hate those things.

Right now, my quest is to find space saver bags. I only need the size for clothes, not the large and extra large sizes, but most of them seem to be sold in assortment sizes, without giving the option of only buying the size needed. Another quest. :-) The question is why does this even have to be a quest? It seems like the manufacturers would figure out they might sell more if they offered the option of buying only the size needed. Yes, my life is exciting. Sigh.

I checked into art classes, though. Do you know how hard it is to find anything? I want to take Beginning Drawing for People With Zero Artistic Talent, but community ed is offering nothing over the summer and the spring classes seem to be geared toward pottery and basket making--neither of which I have much interest in. There is one place that kind of offers something I might be interested in taking--I turned them up in an online search--but I don't think I'd ever find their building. I'm directionally challenged. So where does someone find reasonably priced art classes for adults? They have to be out there somewhere.

It was kind of a boring day yesterday. I had so many things I wanted to get done, but I made the mistake of sitting down to read email and that took care of any ambition I had. :-/ I haven't slept well all week, though, so it wasn't surprising. The only amazing thing was that I didn't fall asleep sitting up again.

Off for another day of fun and frolic at the day job.