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Monday, July 24, 2006

Lots To Do

I leave for Atlanta tomorrow. I've decided not to bring the laptop with me because it's a pain to lug that thing, but that means I'll only be online while I'm gone if the hotel has that Web TV available like they claim. That means no daily blogs. :-(

There's a ton of things to do before I board the plane, including pack. I hate packing. I also have to get a display easel made up for the goody room to display my bookmarks. My cover is so fab, I need to use it (and the gorgeous man on it) as a selling feature. Yeah, I think I mentioned doing that this weekend. I didn't. Instead I did laundry. I've got the disk in my bag and I plan to stop by Kinko's on my way home from work, but we'll see. I have a lot of other stuff to do today.

One thing that I think is pretty funny is that my return flight on Sunday morning isn't full. I expected it to be packed to the rafters (or since it's an airplane, I should say "stringers") even though it's an 8 something in the morning departure. I know the gala is the night before and that this makes for a short night, but by leaving earlier, there are fewer chances of delays--especially weather related--and I get home early enough to collapse. I mean, unpack.

The other thing I did yesterday was work some on another story. This is one I've been tinkering with for years, but haven't had a chance to finish revising because every time I pick it up, I get revisions or galleys or something for another book. I'm happy with the prologue, chapter 1 and the first scene in chapter 2. The second scene needs to be the start of chapter 3 because 2 ends with too big a bang not to be the end of a chapter. The original chapter 3 needs a ton of work. I'm debating scrapping it and starting over completely because it's that bad. Revision might not be enough. :-)

Of course, the fact that I worked on this story again undoubtedly means that I'll be getting revisions before I can finish fixing the proposal. The universe is funny that way. I just hope I don't see anything until after I get home from National.