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Thursday, July 13, 2006

New Review and Wasp Patrol

Eternal Nights received another great review yesterday! Yea! Romance Junkies gave the book 4.5 ribbons and said:
ETERNAL NIGHTS took off from page one and was an exciting, breathless race to the end! Patti O'Shea does an excellent job of showing readers Jarved Nine as it was, through Kendall's memories, and how it is now, still full of mystery, magic, and secrets. Exciting sub-plots and returning characters (from RAVYN'S FLIGHT) make this a futuristic romance I can't wait to reread!

Call me paranoid, but I continually check all the windows in my house for that wasp queen. I'm not ready to declare victory yet, but all the crank-outs are clear. Yea! Of course, I can't open my kitchen windows, but since my dad sprayed them with wasp killer from the outside, I'm reasonably confident that if she's there, she's dead. If I make it another week without seeing her again, I'll probably relax. I hate wasps. :-)

Yesterday, I started reading an article about Pompeii and discovered that I'd missed an exhibition at Chicago's Field Museum! That broke my heart. I really need to get on the museum mailing list because it's not a big deal to pop down there when a cool exhibit comes in. Right now, I have tickets for early this fall for King Tut.

I wish the museums in Minneapolis would get some cool shows like Pompeii or Tut, but we never do. The only interesting thing I remember rolling through here was an exhibit of Viking artifacts at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

And yeah, geekdom continued. Not only did I start reading that article on Pompeii, but I watched a show about Pirate technology on the History Channel and caught part of the show about string theory on PBS.