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Monday, July 17, 2006

Scattered Thoughts

I posted my first guest blogger installment over at Star-Crossed Romance this morning. I talked about why I like futuristic romance so much. Stop on over if you have the time.

Yesterday was a lazy day for me. I have half a gazillion boxes that still need to be unpacked and a host of other things to do, but I watched baseball and worked on my blog entry. Oh, and I joined Library Thing! It's like social networking for people who love books! You can see my profile and some of the books from my collection at my Library Thing Profile. I think this page is open to the public.

There are a couple of television commercials I really like right now. One is for Levi jeans. This guy and girl are watching television and it's a live shot of a police chase. The TV news helicopter shows the guy being chased stealing some jeans off the line at the back of the house and the guy watching this on TV rushes out and tackles the bad guy to the ground. He wasn't letting anyone steal his jeans. :-)

The second commercial I really like shows a chain of love kind of thing. This man sees a child has dropped his toy on the sidewalk, bends over and picks it up and hands it back. Someone sees this and is inspired to help someone else and this is seen and that person helps someone until it comes back full circle. I've only seen this ad once, but I think it was for some kind of insurance company or investment firm. I'm sure the kind of company it was started with an "i."

I watched the Cubs look awful on national television and switched over to watch a show about modern-day pirates on The History Channel. And I think that about covers the highlights for me. Not a whole lot of excitement and now it's back to another week of fun at the day job. Sigh.