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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Short One

I have to be brief this morning. It's late and I have to logoff and get ready for work soon. Today was my day to blog over at 2 B Read and that always presses me for time in the morning.

Anyway, yesterday I did not make it to Ikea, like I suspected would happen. Instead I vegged out most of the day and felt like a slug. Finally, in the afternoon, I took a notebook and started making notes on the spin off book to the one I just finished. I have characters, but no story yet, so I was kind of hoping something would come to me. Nope, still brain dead. Sigh. I decided it's too early yet to be pushing to come up with stuff so I started making notes about what to blog about at TBR. Not sure I was hit with anything too great, but at least it's written and posted.

It was beautiful here yesterday, the perfect day out on the deck. My dad and I took down the thing the builder had blocking the patio door and I dragged a lawn chair out there. I wish I could have slept in this morning and wandered out there with coffee later on. Ah well, off to the day job.