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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Still Jazzed

I'm still jazzed about Ravyn's Flight being available again. I know, it shouldn't seem like that significant a thing, but it is. Maybe it's because I've fielded so many emails since The Power of Two came out asking where they could find the book. It's not available at or Amazon yet, but I heard RF is hot off the press and that in a week or so, it should be online at those places too.

Update: I passed the older man and his dog on my way to work yesterday, so I can take him off my worry over list. This is a huge relief.

And still no wasp! Yea! I'm continuing to keep my fingers crossed, but I'm hopeful now.

Today is a "get ready for National day." I have an appointment for a haircut and I really need to do some shopping. I also want to stop at Bed, Bath & Beyond and look at a couple of things, maybe even buy them. I need so many things yet for the house that it's not funny. Yesterday, my dad took the vacuum cleaner back--it was on loan. :-( I also found some dish towels on QVC along with other handy cleaning towels. They're not great--they have FLOWERS on them--but they're called "Thirsty Camels" so I figured what the heck, especially since there are 8 other towels that come with them. (Just an aside, I have nothing against flowers except that they're totally not my style.)

Notice how I'm nobly not mentioning the weather? This is really hard for a Minnesotan because we love talking about this topic. Hot, cold, in between--it doesn't matter--it's still good for a twenty minute conversation. :-) (But it's supposed to be 100 degrees here today with high humidity! (There! I got it in. I couldn't help myself.))

I'm backed up on email again and I'm still trying to recover from my two deadlines. I think this is about the worst I've ever felt after turning in a book, but then I've never had two deadlines on top of each other like this before.

I think I'm done now. Tonight or tomorrow I'll probably watch my next movie, X-Men. Let's hope this is worth it since I didn't do too good with my last comic book movie.