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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thirteen Days

I just realized it's thirteen days until release day for Eternal Nights! Am I the only one who thinks this summer has gone by much too fast? I can't believe August is that close. And I don't want summer to be over. I love going barefoot and not needing a jacket.

I finished reading EN last night, picked up some stuff missed on the galleys. Sigh. I went through that thing two or three times, I asked my mom to go through it, the publisher had a proofreader go through it and we still all missed a few things. That's so frustrating! I want my book to be free of errors when it comes out and that never happens.

I realized something else as I was reading. My tendonitis has gotten a lot worse in my left arm. It really hurt to hold the book. I kept trying to switch to my right hand, but that just felt unnatural. I've always read with the book primarily on my left and used my right to turn pages. I've got some ebooks to read, so maybe I'll do that for a while, although I know I aggravated the tendonitis by all my computer time--both writing and at the day job.

Yesterday, I posted on Star-Crossed Romance about what I thought made a good hero. We're also discussing the cover art on my books and my future books, what I think about being part of a series and how long it takes me to write a story. Come on over and join the fun. If you want to post questions of your own, feel free.

There hasn't been much going on, but I'm still trying to recover from June. I don't even want to think about RWA National yet, although I leave in less than a week.

Gotta go get ready for the day job.