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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wasp Adventures 2006

Last year, I believe it was sometime in May, I dealt with wasp queens flying around the house. I think there were four or five of them, and since my fear of wasps knows few boundaries, some of the stories I posted here about my attempts to kill these things were probably pretty funny. But I have my new house now and I was hugely relieved that I wouldn't have to deal with wasps again.

Guess what?

They're baaack.

Not inside the house, though, thank goodness! It all started Tuesday. The temperature and humidity finally dropped enough that I could open up my windows again. I'm not sure how long I had the air conditioning running--probably less than a week--but as I opened the window, all these blades of grass fell on the other side of the screen. I look up and there's all kinds of grass blades wedged between my window top and the frame.

Now I didn't realize wasps used grass to build nests. I always thought their nests looked kind of papery or something. So I'm looking up at this mess going, what the hell is this? Of course, this necessitated a visit from my dad. He's the one who used the dreaded wasp word. Shudder. He knocked down the grass collection with a piece of wood and that was that. Or so I thought.

Yesterday after work, I open that same window, and not only is there more grass up there, the queen bitch herself is on top of the window, hanging on to a long blade of grass. Of course, I don't have any wasp spray. By the time my dad arrives with the insecticide, the queen is long gone. We sprayed the window up really good, though, and now I have rivulets of wasp spray running down my glass. I don't care as long as these things stay away from me! I'm beginning to wonder if I'm cursed.

I know this story isn't all that funny, but I wasn't feeling particularly scared, not with a screen between me and the thing. Of course, this window is right next to my new deck, so I'm not enthusiastic about actually sitting out there anymore. I wonder how long that wasp will persist in trying to build her nest in my window? I mean, how many times can it be knocked down or sprayed, how many hours can she spend rebuilding it before she decides to cut her losses and move on?--hopefully not to another one of my windows.

The thing is, if this was one of my kitchen windows, I'd never know because I don't open them. I can't reach the latches to unlock them so I just don't bother. Gah! Now I'm going to be running around my house, opening every window just in case.

There isn't much else going on. Thankfully. :-) Next up for movie watching is Tristan and Isolde. I'm really looking forward to this one. I've seen some mixed reviews and I'm a little leery because I read the actual story in a high school English class, but I'm thinking I've forgotten enough where that shouldn't interfere. That's my plan for the weekend.