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Friday, July 21, 2006

Wasps, Advertising and Whatever Else

Yesterday, I did another wasp check. I've been running the air pretty steady since it's been so hot here and I thought I'd take one more spot check. Sure enough, there was just a little bit more grass in the original window the queen had chosen for her home. Sigh. There wasn't much, so maybe she gave up pretty quickly. Or maybe she just started there again. It doesn't matter. The wasp spray came back out and the grass was removed again. When will this thing give up?

By the time my adventures with the insect kingdom were over, the local news was on. I missed the beginning of the story, but it sounds as if our governor wants a moratorium on advertising by the drug companies. The reporter also interviewed a doctor who talked about patients coming in and demanding a certain drug, even though he hadn't diagnosed them yet and what they thought they had wasn't what was really wrong with them. The drug companies say that 37 cents out of each dollar goes to "administrative costs and marketing." Want to bet that most of the money goes to marketing?

I'm a little opinionated on this subject, but I always believed that it was dead wrong to allow drug companies to advertise prescription drugs to the consumer. From what I've heard, we're the only industrialized country that allows this.

And if you're wondering why I talk about advertising with some frequency on my blog, my college major was advertising copywriting. I have an interest this way, so I find news stories on the topic fascinating even when others don't. I also tend to critique commercials when I watch TV or listen to the radio.

The towels I'd ordered from QVC arrived yesterday. I didn't like the material of the "kitchen" towels--it almost looks like felt or something--so I probably won't use those, but the microfiber cloths seemed to pick up dust real well and I'd like to try the other two types that came in the shipment.

Okay, I guess it's time to end the post if I'm talking about towels. :-) My friends are getting used to this kind of conversation. In fact, one of them has said, I just remind myself that you're nesting. I really don't mean to go off on boring stuff, but it's interesting to me. That's the problem, I guess.