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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Back In the Saddle Again

I think I have my proposal chapters ready to go, now I just need to work on the synopses. Yes, plural. I have three siblings involved and each could have their own book so that's how I want to pitch it. There are dozens of other characters and ideas I have that could also be part of this government agency, but three is plenty for right now--especially since I don't think I'm writing the kind of RS that's selling. My focus isn't so much the thriller/suspense part as on the characters. I see these stories as kind of Mission: Impossible with a little James Bond thrown in for good measure. Just a little over the top, requiring a touch more suspension of disbelief. There's not a serial killer in sight, but the books will have a lot of sexual tension and hot sex.

I've already rewritten this proposal once from its original version. I've cut the hell out of every chapter and rewritten scenes so the pace is much faster now. I'm nearly ready to ship this off to my agent for her opinion. We'll see if she thinks there's a market for it or not.

I also spent a few hours discussing a three book futuristic series with a friend. After I finish the RS synopses, I'll start working on this proposal--hopefully tomorrow. I can't write very far without pictures of my characters, but I have all those for this set of books now. I still wish I could find the same model who looks like Z without a smile on his face because Z just doesn't grin and his heroine and I have been going back and forth about her name. I'm still not sure it's right, but if she doesn't correct me before I turn in the proposal, she's SOL. :-) I hate it when characters don't cooperate.

So I'm back in the writing saddle again and I'm hoping to get these proposals done before revisions come. That could happen any day so I've got to move. Sasha, Flare's heroine, is starting to talk to me now and is giving me background. I've got my fingers crossed that it means we're almost ready to begin her story. I still need to take a notepad and work out the plot arc in more minute detail since it's so involved and covers all three books, that'll be problem number one and the biggest hurdle, but I don't have to write a full three chapters, so that'll help on my time issues.

I have Underworld from Netflix to watch, in fact it was here when I got home from Atlanta, but I didn't watch it. I meant to put it in last night, but I was so busy trying to find a picture of Z's heroine that it was too late by the time I finally surfaced. I'll try again tonight, but I'm not coming up for air until I finish my first proposal.

Anyway, if you want to see what my new characters look like, you can check them out at Characters At Work. I also added a new page of just my characters from Jarved Nine so that I can see them all grouped together. I think that'll help me as I work on the three book futuristic proposal. I'm really not a visual writer at all--I hear words, but rarely see anything--that's why I like pictures of my characters, their rooms and of assorted other things. I also decided that I have to get some kind of high speed access. Looking for Z's heroine yesterday almost drove me insane and it took a lot longer than it should have.