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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Everyone Else Is Doing It

This morning I decided to bite the bullet and join the Amazon Connect program. It was one of those "all the other authors are doing it" things and I'm certainly not going to be as chatty over there as some writers are because it really irritates me when I'm looking at a book and have to scroll past plog entry after plog entry. I find that so annoying! I think one blog entry there will hold me for months and months and months. The thing won't go live until my books are verified by my publisher so no need to rush right over there. ;-)

Today, my local writing chapter meets and I'm going to the meeting. I've got a little time yet to dawdle this morning, though, and I plan to use it. I don't know why I'm so slow to get moving in the mornings, but I am.

After the meeting, I need to run to a couple of stores. At one, I need to exchange one shower rod for another. I want to go with the curved one rather than straight. When I was in Atlanta, the hotel had one and it was way cool. I also need to buy another curtain panel and valance for the kitchen windows. That's what the lady from the blind company recommended when she was out because she said it needed more fullness. That, of course, was something I bought at a different store than the shower rod.

I'm still thrilled every time I think about having grass in my front yard. It's so cool to have something other than dirt and weeds after all this time! For pictures, check out the link to House Gallery 10 from yesterday's blog or click on Patti's House Pics in the links to the right.

There isn't much else to say since I posted all my exciting stuff yesterday. I've got to learn to pace myself! ;-) I need to get going, though, too and start getting ready.