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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Last Pass

It ended up being a busier day than I expected yesterday. I was planning to go straight home and get to work, but my freeway exit was closed. Since the next one was almost halfway to the mall and since I needed the fax number for the newspaper to send in the announcement about the book signing that I'm part of, I thought, well, I'll just head to the mall and talk to the bookseller in person. I've been meaning to call him all week, but I don't like the phone and I have to psych myself up to make calls like this. I hadn't managed to actually do it yet and time is running short.

Anyway, the bookstore has a nice display right near the registers of books from me and the other two authors signing with me. And I found out that my bookseller took care of alerting the newspaper which is cool because that's one less thing for me to do. I also found out that he's having a really hard time getting Through a Crimson Veil in for the signing. After all the problems I've been dealing with because no one can find Ravyn's Flight, this was the last thing I needed to hear. He's going to try again, and hopefully, I'll have more than Eternal Nights to sign on September 9th.

BTW, if you're in the Twin Cities area and want information on the book signing, check out my Appearances Page.

Then, since I was at the mall anyway, I decided to walk over to Penney's and see what they had for curtains. I need some kind of drape that will work on a traverse rod. Of course, because it was a home sale, the department was packed and no one was available to help me. Call me undomestic (it's true), but I don't know what kind of drape goes on that kind of rod. Pinch pleat? Gah! I ended up leaving without anything.

Then I needed to put tabs on my car because August is my month for license plate renewal. That's something else I've been putting off for a couple of weeks, so I decided I better get that taken care of while I was thinking of it.

Now, I finally started working on revisions. :-)

I'm on my last pass through, looking for things to clean up, word better, delete or new places to layer in some more stuff. One of my writing buddies read the whole thing for me yesterday and she said it's richer and deeper than what I turned in originally. That's a good thing since this was something I'd worried about, but I wasn't sure if it was just something I'd have to live with because of the length I was working with. Maybe so because I'm up to 100 pages now. :-) There's no way I could have gotten this stuff in if I'd had to stay at 80.

I logged on to a ton of email. I'm not exaggerating! And most of it required an answer from me which is rare. So I started working on that and it kept me going until I went to bed.