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Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Expensive Day

When I got back from Atlanta, I mentioned that one of the women in my chapter had this really cool gadget. Half-PDA, half-laptop, it combined the best of both worlds and looked perfect for writing. I learned the name, it's an NEC MobilePro and it weighs less than 2 pounds, but it has a nearly full-size keyboard. Now how much better would this be to drag around than the laptop? So with her guidance--she's been following the MobilePro on eBay for a while--I bid on one. It even has wifi access so if I can find a hotspot, I can connect and the thing comes on immediately so no waiting for boot up. I hope it's as slick to work on as it appears to be. It shipped last night, so hopefully, it'll arrive quickly.

Then after I got home from work yesterday, the woman from the blind store came over. I went with the double honeycomb blinds for my bedroom, computer room and the scrapbook room. I did blackout for my bedroom because I like it dark when I sleep and regular for the other two rooms.

I wasn't sure I was going to do the scrapbook room, but it wasn't that much more money (relatively speaking) and I figured at least this way I would have all my windows done and I wouldn't have to worry about it again.

She also helped me with the hardware for the windows. My dad really can't put that up for me and I asked what they'd charge for labor to do that. She's going to check and get back to me, but unless it's outrageous, I'm going to have them do it. Again, I just want it done and the way I'm keeping the curtain rods up now isn't real sturdy.

It'll be about 4 weeks till I have the blinds. I didn't think that was too bad. I picked some real neutral colors to go in my three not neutral rooms. :-)

Anyway, the woman was very nice and very helpful. I'm so hopeless when it comes to things like this, so it was great to work with someone who was willing to guide me through this and offer suggestions about the mounting and stuff.

Today, the lawn guy is coming to start putting in the sod. I guess I should have titled this my expensive WEEK instead of day. :-/

No writing work done yesterday. Sigh. I brought my folder full of information for my proposal into the kitchen to work on while I waited, but I never got to it and the appointment for the window things lasted three hours, so I was too tired afterward to look at anything. I just ate dinner, opened the deluge of email and watched a little ball. I need to get some serious work done on this proposal today. I wonder if I can. My dad is going to supervise the lawn guys so I should be clear there, but....