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Friday, August 25, 2006


I did it. I plogged on Amazon yesterday. Even after signing up and getting my books verified, I still wasn't sure I wanted to do it, but this situation with Ravyn's Flight pushed me off the fence. So I blogged on the RF page about how the book is available new. I didn't dare link to where they could buy the book, so I linked to the page on my website--the one with the Order Your Copy link that will let people buy the book. I'm wondering, though, if this will stay up or if Amazon will yank it since I'm taking business away from the people trying to gouge readers with $10 used copies when they can buy it brand new for $6.99.

I'm still not sure I want to do this and I don't plan to do it regularly because I find it irritating as all get out to be looking at a book and have to scroll past long and numerous entries. But right now I have an entry on RF and on Eternal Nights and I'll probably do one for my other books and leave it at that.

While I'm kind of talking about web things, I added some printable files to my website. Not last night, earlier. One of them is a list of my books in PDF. I debated whether or not to add my upcoming releases or just the books that are out. I decided to go with just the ones that could be bought. When I have some time, I'm going to explore adding some more PDF documents to my website. Maybe y'all would like to see my extensive character sketches. :-) I don't do them for every book, and if I do use them, I don't necessarily fill them out completely, but if I need something thorough, I have it.

Anyway, it's mostly been a boring week. I've been struggling with the major revisions to the novella because I have to write new scenes and the characters aren't really talking to me. Kimi, however, finally gave me some insight last night before I fell asleep. Or I guess I should say that she reminded me of some stuff she'd shown me when I first started the novella and I didn't use it. I only had 80 pages (I thought) and I didn't think I could afford to waste space on it. Now, though, I'll go back and use it. Um, it's going to be another weekend locked away from the world while I immerse myself in this story.