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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Political Ding Dongs

Probably the title of this post would lead you to believe I'm going to have a political rant. Not quite. At least not the way you'd think. Here's my diatribe: How many more damn political candidates, their wives and supporters are going to come to my house and ring the doorbell when I'm trying to work?

See? I told you it wasn't what you expected.

It's been continual and I'm getting so tired of it. I don't even open the door, I just look out, see the clipboard and start muttering. After Saturday, I'd taped a Do Not Disturb Writer at Work sign on my front door, but I didn't put it up last night. It was raining all day, and while it had stopped by early evening, it was still dismal, so I thought the politicians wouldn't bother me. Wrong. Wife of Politician was making the rounds with her clipboard. Argh! I think I'm going to have to leave my sign out all the time now because I'm tired of the interruptions.

Despite these eager beaver political candidates, I'm actually managing to get work done on my novella revisions. I've got all the problems solved, now it's just a matter of fine tuning and layering. And trying to figure out how to get the changes to my editor when I've made so many of them, some little, some big. Pulling this thing together for him is going to be harder than the revisions, I think. :-/

I can't believe it's nearly September! I have to call the bookstore where I'm doing a signing and get the information on who to send the announcement to at the newspaper. He wants me to do it because they don't print anything he sends, but I have no idea who to send it to or what format to use. Then I have the actual book signing on the 9th and I go to see King Tut on the 11th. It's going to be a short trip since I can't afford to burn too much vacation, so pretty much I'm going to turn right around and come back home. But I can't miss King Tut, right? :-)