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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Release Day and Workshops

It's release day for ETERNAL NIGHTS!

Since being stationed on Jarved Nine four months earlier, Special Operations Captain Wyatt Montgomery has been in pursuit of Captain Kendall Thomas. She's skittish of romantic relationships, but he's managed to become an important part of her life—as her best friend. He wants more. When Kendall catches antiquities smugglers red-handed, he just might have his opportunity—if he can keep them both alive long enough to convince her that they belong together.

Release day is always cause for nerves, but it's also cool to know that people are going to buy your book and read it. Hopefully, like it. I'm a little more nervous about this book than usual because it's loosely connected to my first book and RAVYN'S FLIGHT has had such staunch fans. I still get notes from people about this book even though it's been out for four years. That's pretty cool, but just the tiniest bit daunting as well.

Yikes! I have to leave for the day job soon, but I realized that I couldn't remember which days I went to workshops. Because of that, I decided to talk about them all in one place instead of trying to figure out which day to slide them under. I didn't make it to too many workshops anyway.

The best workshop was titled Real Women Kick Ass and it was taught by a woman with a black belt in some martial arts. I didn't write down which ones. It was very informative and covered fighting techniques. The motto is if a fight lasts more than 30 seconds, you're doing something wrong. We tested out a few things in the workshop and we saw the woman giving the workshop wield swords, knives and a stave. Great information here and I'm so glad I made it to this session!

I also went to two spotlights for my two publishers, Dorchester and Tor. Spotlights are what they are and I don't know why I keep going to them since I know the information I'm hearing.

My last workshop was for PAN and was about promotion. There wasn't anything too earth shaking here, but there were some interesting ideas.

Now, I have to run and get ready for the day job. :-( More on National later.